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Making Sense Of Ministry

Youth Ministry Institute

Have you ever felt overwhelmed or underprepared in youth ministry, children's ministry, or family ministry? Faced a situation you weren't sure how to handle? This podcast, presented by the Youth Ministry Institute, contains interviews, practical tools, quick wins, and Q&A designed to help you lead well in ministry, transform lives, and impact generations.
On Summer Ministry Strategies & Whether We Love It or Hate it | Season 3: Episode 5April 26, 2022 Episode artwork Serving In Ministry With Your Spouse | Season 3: Episode 4April 05, 2022 Episode artwork Getting Young People To Engage Scripture & Ministry Of Presence | Season 3: Episode 3March 22, 2022 Episode artwork Insider Secrets - Landing Your Next Ministry Role | Season 3: Episode 2March 08, 2022 Episode artwork Discover and Focus on Key Ministry Pieces in 2022 | Season 3: Episode 1February 15, 2022 Episode artwork Leading With Compassion & Curiosity | Season 2: Episode 3 May 18, 2021 Episode artwork Recovering From A Lost Ministry Role & Personal Crisis | Season 2: Episode 2February 16, 2021 Episode artwork Top 5 Things To Do In 2021, "Trapped," and The Phrase We Never Want To Say Again | Season 2: Episode 1January 26, 2021 Episode artwork On Re-engaging Students, Balancing A Hybrid Ministry Model, Difficult Students, And More! | Season 1: Episode 12November 17, 2020 Episode artwork On Terrifying Parent Meetings, 2021 Budgets, Should We Require Parents To Volunteer, And More! | Season 1: Episode 11October 20, 2020 Episode artwork Starting A New Job, Trunk or Treat, COVID Policies and the Church Parsonage | Season 1: Episode 10September 29, 2020 Episode artwork Taking Your Questions On Family Devotions, Volunteers, Planning During Covid, and More! | Season 1: Episode 9August 11, 2020 Episode artwork Jesse Ernst on Starting a Business, Seeing God in All Situations, Time Management, and Why You Need a Local Support Network | Season 1: Episode 8June 16, 2020 Episode artwork Chris Wilterdink on Faith Formation During Virtual And Crisis Ministry, Rites of Passages, And Creating Safe, Formative Spaces Virtually | Season 1: Episode 7 May 27, 2020 Episode artwork Kelly Minter on Trauma and Grief That We Are All Experiencing, and How To Help Students, Children and Families | Season 1: Episode 6May 12, 2020 Episode artwork Special Episode Part Two on Ministry During a Pandemic, How Do We Measure Success, and Should We Cancel Summer Camp or VBS | Season 1: Episode 5 April 23, 2020 Episode artwork Special Episode Part One on Social Distancing, Covid-19, and What Parents, Students, and Children Really Need | Season 1: Episode 4April 14, 2020 Episode artwork Savannah Rogers on Recruiting Adult Leaders and Tapping Into an Often Overlooked Resource | Season 1: Episode 3March 24, 2020 Episode artwork Mike Toluba on Teaching Students Basic Life Skills, Mental Health in College, and the Role of Campus Ministry | Season 1: Episode 2March 24, 2020 Episode artwork Kirsten Knox on Understanding Gen Z, Empathy, and Small to Medium Size Church Youth Ministry | Season 1: Episode 1March 24, 2020 Episode artwork